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Agri Information Management

"We make the tools that make AG work better." - Ted Whitton (Co-Founder & CEO)

Optimising Performance

AIM allows unique opportunities for optimising performance. Select below to see how...


Strategy to Reality

AIM provides the framework to monitor at every level of your strategic plan.


You can't manage what you can't see

Transparency and visibility from the top to the bottom of your organisation.


Closing the Loop

AIM gives you actionable insights into the Agricutural Value Chain.


AIM provides a suite of microservices and tools for the Agricultural Value Chain that let you customise  your own Agricultural System all the way from Regulatory Authority to Manufacturer to Maintainer to Farmer to Consumer

Aerial Chemical Application

AIM tools to track, monitor, schedule and buy chemical services for farm land.

Equipment Maintenance

Fix, Service, maintain and repair with confidence and transparency using AIM's workshop tools.


Connecting The Value Chain

Find, Message and Transact with valuable resources in the value chain by role, service, name or expertise using AIM messaging services.


AIM e-commerce tools allow you to develop new chanels to market and get the most out of inventory assets. 


Meet our CEO Ted Whitton BSc (Hons) 
Ted spent 16 year working for Kent Fire Brigade developing life critical software and hardware systems for the emergency services many of which are still in use today. Then 13 years building industrial strength e-commerce systems for the Automotive Industry in the UK that are serving upwards of 2.2 Million catalogue pages per month and then 7 years working for the largest Toyota Dealership in the world converting their Electronic Parts Catalogue into an Industry Leading E-Commerce site containing over 1.3M Parts and VIN details of over 220M vehicles in both Arabic and English. Ted is now fully focused on the Agricultural Space and bringing his expertise to bear on solving problems for farmers in Africa.

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